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Accordion Repairs and Hand Tuning

For Repair Estimates please bring your accordion by the shop. I cannot give repair estimates over the phone or via email - I must see the instrument first. Email Skyler for an appointment at or call (415) 596-5952.

Skyler Fell has been trained for a number of years on Advanced Accordion Repair Techniques by Vincent J. Cirell, Factory Trained Accordion Builder (Colombo & Sons of San Francisco) and Master Craftsman of Cirelli Accordion Service (since 1946), as well as having an apprenticeship with Boaz, of the former Boaz Accordions in Oakland.

Repairs Currently Available:
Sticking Keys
Sticking or Bent Bass Buttons
Refasten/Repair Reed blocks
Repair or Replace Indicated Reeds
Clean Reeds, Replace Skins + Refresh Wax
Full Professional Hand Tuning & Musette
Professional Cleaning
Air Leaks
Bellows Tape Repairs
Bellows Metal Corner Replacement or Repairs
Bellows Gasket Repair or Replacement
Bellows Replacement-we offer CUSTOM bellows designs
Grill Cloth Replace with +CUSTOM+ Grill Cloth
Grill Repairs /Plastic
Cracks, Scratches, or wear in Accordion Body
Keyboard Evening
Keyboard Cleaning
Keyboard Overhaul
Keyboard Rebuild
Key Shims/Wood Fill
Keyboard Valve Pad Replacement
Strap Repairs or Replacement
Strap Bracket Replacement
Bellows Strap and Bracket Replacement or Repairs
Bass Machine Professional Cleaning
Bass Machine Rebuild
Bass Valve Replacement
Bass Strap Repairs or Replacement
Mic System Installation
*Recommended* Back Pad Installation
Carrying Case Repair or Replacement, wheels
Soft Cases!
Special Repairs
Custom Jobs

A note on Older Accordions:
      Almost all older accordions are in need of varying degrees of repair. Especially accordions that have been "well used" throughout their lives. Their keys and buttons are usually "snaggletooth", symptoms may include clacking, some of the keys may be misaligned, and many of the reeds may not be sounding properly. In the case of very old piano accordions, a complete overhaul is usually called for, including a keyboard leveling, new leathers, and rewaxing of the reed plates onto the blocks. The general life of reed wax is only 20 to 40 years at best (most of the accordions found for sale on eBay are at least that old). After this is done the instrument must be retuned completely. This is not cheap because it takes a great deal of time - a big repair job might require as much as 40 hours of work. Sometimes it's worth it and mostly it's not. So a cautionary note to all of you who are considering the purchase of a used accordion on ebay, at an estate sale, or in second hand shop or antique shop: many potential problems can be hidden, and are not obvious at the exact moment you try out the accordion. It is best to purchase from a reputable shop, to purchase a reconditioned accordion, or to have the accordion checked out first by a qualified repair person. If this is not possible, just be aware of the risks involved.
      You should not expect to be able to find a very old accordion of any kind, at any price, that will give you consistently trouble-free service for more than a year or so, at the most optimistic, unless it has been overhauled.
      Fabulous new musicians with hopeful looks on their faces frequently show up with simply beautiful old accordions, moldy, corroded, and horribly out of tune, that have been neglected for years, in damp basements, musty attics, or even outside. In most of these cases the cost of repairs would far exceed the value of the instrument. Be forewarned;)